Top 10 iPhone XS Apps You Shouldn’t Download
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Welcome back everyone to Most Amazing Top 10 – my name is Danny Burke and this is Top 10 iPhone XS Apps You Shouldn’t Download. These are some of the most pointless, ridiculous or just weird apps that you shouldn’t waste storage space with if you’re getting the new iPhone XS. Don’t take my word for it though – let the apps speak for themselves …

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  1. $1000000 app that is the most insanely idiotic invention I’ve ever seen the developers of that app should be sent straight to hell

  2. that kissing one, as dirty and germ covered as they say the average phone is who wants to put their tongue on it? ewwww

  3. Some of those reviews were hysterical, though. Maybe you could do a strangest reviews for worst apps top 10. Keep doing what you’re doing, love it.

  4. Time: dude its 12 pm pls go to sleep
    Me: oh boy time to watch som scary shiet and stay awake and fall asleep at 4 am

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