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Top 10 Insane World Cup Moments
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The beautiful game can get a little ugly. From facial injuries, to non-goals, to spitting, these moments are pretty shocking. WatchMojo counts down the Top 10 Insane World Cup Moments .

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#10. Lampard’s Goal Not Given vs. Germany
#9. Rivaldo’s “Facial” Injury
#8. The Battle of Nuremberg
#7. A Little Help for the Hosts
#6. SpitGate
#5. The Sheikh Says
#4. Uruguayan Handball
#3, #2 & #1???

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  1. the hand of suarez compensates the attempt of the referees to favor ghana with a non-existent foul and 2 offsides very clear in the execution of said fault. Anyway they got it in the next game against Holland. It is very sad as many only see what they put in front of their face and forget the other part of the story.

    • Watchmojo: easy top tens to comfort majorities, we do not look for facts we only look for likes

  2. The Battle of Nuremburg gets all the attention but arguably The Battle of Santiago at Chile 1962 was even worse. The Chilean and Italian media traded insults at each other in the buildup to a group game between the two to only push tensions to the brink, had it gone any higher a real war wouldn’t look out of place.

    The game was a bloodbath from the start. Two Italy players were ejected (one was dragged off the pitch by police) and punches and kicks were traded. One Italian player had his nose broken after being sucker-punched. Perhaps the reason why it is forgotten is the fact that red and yellow cards didn’t exist at the time. The unfortunate ref who tried to somehow control the game eventually went on to create the red and yellow system of today.

  3. 10 Schumacher tackle (1982)
    9 Brazil 1 Germany 7 (2014)
    8 Maradona failing drug test (1994)
    7 Poll 3 yellow cards (2006)
    6 West Germany win in 1954
    5 Maradona hand ball(1986)
    4 Suarez bite(2014)
    3 Lopetegui leaving Spain(2018)
    2 Zizou head butt (2006)
    (1 Saipan (2002)

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