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And you thought YOUR high school was murder…These are the ways that the unfortunate students of Hope’s Peak Academy have met their ends at the hands of that sick teddy bear from hell, Monokuma. Welcome to and today we’re counting down our picks for the Top 10 Most Insane Danganronpa Executions!

00:32 #10. Mikan Tsumiki
01:15 #9. Mondo Owada
01:54 #8. Alter Ego
02:41 #7. Teruteru Hanamura
03:28 #6. Leon Kuwata
04:14 #5. Celestia Ludenberg
05:03 #4. Gundham Tanaka
05:45 #3, #2 & #1:???

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  1. i’m starting to feel that watchmojo likes danganronpa. i mean look at their other top 10 anime thumbnails. very clickbaity.

  2. To be Honest, Number 1 should be changed. I call number 1 entry pure lazy, why you ask? Because they repeat it in every countdown that has Danganronpa involved! Chiaki’s Despair Arc Execution was more Insane than that, heck her execution in Despair Arc is what created Danganronpa Universe! So sorry if I sound pissy but please use a different entry next time cause that is sheer cheating/lazy.

  3. Well that was not much for me.
    I had thought that this would be like the SAW movies. So much torture and misery before somebody dies. …But nope! It’s just a bunch of cut-away shots of typical weird-ass anime deaths.

    • They only showed the execution-style deaths that happened to characters who lost the game. There were a few others in the series closer to what you had in mind because they took place outside of the death-by-trial system, such as this one. /watch?v=Te664vgStb8

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