Top 10 Indie Game Cliches We’re Sick Of
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Tell me more about your pixel art retro throwback metroidania soulslike roguelite spiritual successor indie platformer with a synthpop soundtrack – it sounds like such a novel idea! Cliches are in right now so don’t worry, indie dev, you’ll definitely meet your crowdsourcing goal! Welcome to and today we’re counting down the Top 10 Indie Game Cliches.

#10. Synth Soundtrack
#9. Vague Plot
#8. Minimal Instructions
#7. Breaking the Fourth Wall
#6. Pastel Colors
#5. Highbrow Writing
#4. Spiritual Succession

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  1. I will say Pixel art is not used properly most of the time. It usually is very simple and uses the pastel colors a bit too much. But games that experiment with the pixel sizes and colors look amazing. Even big companies like Nintendo uses these styles. The Superstar Saga remake is basically ALL pixel art. And it looks AMAZING with the additional lighting effects, something that not a lot of indie companies utilize, so it’s a blessing to see indie games do this. A game I have my eyes on right now, “Ghost Song” looks amazing with the lighting and colors.
    I will say I don’t like the idea of Kickstarter. Promising to do something, hitting road blocks to fulfill it, only to delay other parts of a game to make It a bit worse. It seems odd to me.

    • Should I get into game development, and make my own game, it would be on my own time, on my own schedule, no big debts being held over my back, and make it how I like it. No Kickstarter. And I would put effort into the pixel art style to the point where it would have my own, distinct feel to it. No pastel colors. I find them boring. Bright and ‘slightly’ more neon colors is where I am at.

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