Top 10 Horror Stories From The Deep Web
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There are some scary stories out there about the deep web that it hard to believe that it happened in real life. Join us as we talk about the Top 10 Horror Stories From The Deep Web

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  1. When I went on the dark web I was just looking at the unexpected nice things they had but then out of the dark I see an ad that says smile your’re on camera and *Showed my terrified face on the screen* And my web can wasn’t even on! I shut the computer and open but the ad is still there and then I clicked the X on the top right of the screen and left, but a day later I saw a man in one of my bushes taking pictures of me in bed when I saw him he ran away never to be seen again. On that day forth I vowed never to go to the dark web again.

  2. I’ve been on the dark web a lot. I use it for shopping all the time. You know, um….*cough*guns*cough*

  3. One of my favorite host had to let you guys know you’re both very pretty keep up the good work on making good videos you guys put out

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