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Top 10 Horribly Awkward TV Cameos
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These are the worst and most awkward cameos on television. Sometimes it’s taking someone who can’t act like a singer or athlete and putting them in a show, other times its just giving the actor really strange or weird things to do on camera. From Ed Sheeran on Game of Thrones to wrestlers like Hulk Hogan showing up in strange places, we looked at all the bad and weird cameos on TV and WatchMojo is here to bring you the most awkward TV cameos ever.

List Rank and Entries
#10. JeanClaude Van Damme
#9. Pete Wentz
#8. Chris Brown
#7. Ed Sheeran
#6. Larry David
#5. Kevin Federline
#4. Bristol Palin
#3, #2 & #1: ?

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  1. As someone who doesn’t know who Ed Sheeran is, I didn’t think that scene was that bad. But for people who knows it fucked with their immersion

  2. So is Ed Sheeren here because fans were just whiney or was he really bad? The song he was singing was alluding to something after all and it wasn’t all that bad seeing as how it wasn’t that long

  3. 1. I thought the Pete Wentz cameos were cute, and I just binged the whole series for the first time last year.
    2. I dug the Sheeran cameo on GOT, and I’m not familiar with any of his music. I was waiting for Arya to kill them all but it wasn’t a bad cameo.
    3. All the rest, I agree with. Very awkward.

  4. Offense consistently generation African-American extra bow technology labor bunch above grip weight perfect.

  5. I had no idea who ed sheeran is when i was watching the episode. I just instantly thought that something seems fishy about that guy. But what’s actually the point of these cameos? What people who invited those “celebrities” were thinking? So you see some famous guy in your tv show, and? What am i supposed to feel? Is this something to do with “celebrity worshipping and obsession” culture in usa and i don’t get it because it’s an alien concept to me. I don’t even know half of these people. Why do americans keep making stupid people famous??

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