Top 10 Historic People Who May Have Been Superheroes
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These historical figures showed almost superhuman traits. Amelia Aerhart, Miyamoto Musashi, and Jesse Owens are just a few people throughout history that have demonstrated amazing abilities and accomplishments. WatchMojo counts down the top people in history who were probably superheroes.

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#10. Angus MacAskill
#9. Amelia Earhart
#8. Miyamoto Musashi
#7. Masutatsu Ōyama [aka Mas Oyama]
#6. Jesse Owens
#5. Theodore Roosevelt
#4. Louis Cyr
#3, #2,#1???

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  1. Very thoughtful of u WatchMojo,i dont know if this will surprise you,but u also have alot of viewers from Europe.Most of us are not used to measure weight in “Pounds”.This would be alot more interessting if i was able to know the numbers right away.

    And on top of all,Amelia Earhart over Nikola Tesla?
    What a waste of time.

  2. Chuck Norris should be number 1

    but I guess he should be excluded since he would be topping Every single list he were to be included

  3. Im glad jim thorpe got reconized by someone because he was one of best athletes ever. Not just in one sport but most sports. I went to jim thorpe, Pa for public school and i can honestly say im proud to have graduated from there as well.

  4. Audie Murphy. Scrawny kid from Texas, who lied about his age (by one year – due to his diminutive underweight physique) to fight in WWII and returned as one of the most-decorated combat soldiers of the war. Fought off a large number of Nazi infantry and several tanks with only phoned-in artillery for back-up, from the back of a burning tank destroyer that could’ve blown at any minute (awarded the Congressional Medal of Honour for his efforts). Shot several times (recipient of three Purple Hearts), battled malaria a couple of times, but kept on returning to the fight. Sure, Hollywood used him later on, but his military feats are undeniable. He didn’t need a super-serum to be a super-soldier.

  5. TOP 10 Celebrities Using Leather Pants
    TOP 10 Celebrities Not Using Underwear
    I still have many ideas, folks!!!

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