Top 10 Hilariously Dated Old-School Websites You Can Still Visit
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Take a walk down memory lane on these websites you won’t believe still exist! From Netscape, to The Washington Post’s 1996 “Year in Review”, to Heaven’s Gate, these websites range from hilarious to downright cringe-worthy. WatchMojo counts down ten hilariously dated old-school websites you can still visit.

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#10: Welcome to Netscape!
#9: Exciting Excite
#8: Buy, Buy, Buy on Arngren
#7: “Internet Explorer is EVIL!”
#6: The Washington Post’s 1996 “Year in Review”
#5: Heaven’s Gate
#4: Y2K: Ready or Not?

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  1. …Who the heck is even paying to host it? I believed the site was updated between 2002 and 2012, but it’s still up.

  2. About the heaven’s gate website : if you send an email to the mail adress that can be found on the website, you’ll actually have someone answering you back !

  3. something about static and loud beeps while waiting to start up internet and then hearing “you got mai!” brings back good memories. I remember when my parents finally got internet. we each had 1 hr on the computer and had to warn everyone…dont pick up the phone in the next hr.

    who can also not forget getting this free trials of aol in the mail.

  4. If you think these are “old school”, I remember when people actually TALKED to one another, and telephones were plugged into the wall! Damn, I think I actually BELONG in Jurassic Park now…

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