Top 10 Hilarious Anime Bloopers
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These mistakes, flubs, goofs, mess ups, songs and botches are what make us love the voice over artists of the anime dub world. From names like Steven Blum, Vic Mignogna, Patrick Seitz, Bryce Papenbrook, Johnny Young Bosch, and Crispin Freeman come these delightful blooper highlights. Funimation and the other dubbing companies have some real heroes among them. Thanks guys. Expect to see shows like Berserk, Fullmetal Alchemist Brotherhood, and Neon Genesis Evangelion along the way.

#10. “Desert Punk” (2004-05)
#9. “FLCL” (2000-01)
#8. “Ouran High School Host Club” (2006)
#7. “Blood Lad” (2013)
#6. “Durarara!!” (2010; 2015-16)
#5. “Yu Yu Hakusho” (1992-94)
#4. ”Rurouni Kenshin” (1996-98)
#3, #2, #1: ???

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  1. FMA:B Bloopers

    Greed: And I guess you could say I’m the captain of that ship.
    Hohenheim: Is that so? Then how about leaning over hear and giving me a kissy?
    Greed: Sure!

    Ed: A talking dog?
    Envy: Rawr! Roobie roobie roo!

    Winry: Hey Ling. How’ you doin?
    Greed: What?

    Greed: The name’s Greed
    Ed: No, Greed. I will not kiss you!

    Scar: Your face esplode!
    Wrath: Hmm

    Al: * wakes up *

    Hohenheim: Jeremiah was a bullfrog. Was a good friend of mine. Couldn’t understand a word he said, but I help him drink his wine.

    I think you get the idea

  2. Thanks a lot WatchMojo…now everyone is asking why I’m laughing so hard in my cubicle!

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