Top 10 Hardest “Super Mario Maker” Levels

How can anyone create levels this sadistic?! With “Super Mario Maker 2” upon us. We decided to send off “Super Mario Maker 1” in Kaizo Glory, by listing some of the most challenging levels in “Super Mario Maker” for the Wii U.

If you’re bold enough to try these for yourself, here are the level codes

#10: 534B-0000-01DE-2947
#9: 1EEA-0000-02BA-404A
#8: FF25-0000-009E-6508
#7: 2443-0000-0207-FA45
#6: 7810-0000-014D-8B6B
#5: BC5E-0000-00D4-CD7C
#4: 12F5-0000-03C4-2811
#2: 7523-0000-03AA-2524
#1: ???

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  1. I knew they wouldn’t, but it would’ve been interesting for them to put something from Mario MAYker from the Achievement Hunters.

  2. I thought they did a list about that , but I liked how the host started the video so here’s my like

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