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Oh sure, these games are almost all pretty great…but people miiiight judge you for playing em’. These are the games that are fun & enjoyable, but are either so weird, so violent or so sexually explicit that some people might feel genuinely guilty or embarrassed for playing. Welcome to and today we’re counting down our picks for the Top 10 Guilty Pleasure Video Games.

00:22 #10. “Manhunt 2” (2007)
01:09 #9. “Katawa Shoujo” (2012)
01:59 #8. “Animal Crossing New Leaf” (2013)
02:38 #7. “Angry Birds” Series (2009)
03:31 #6. “The Sims” Series (2000)
04:18 #5. “Goat Simulator” (2014)
05:05 #4. “Bayonetta 2” (2014)
05:56 #3, #2 & #1: ????

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  1. Sims 3, WoW, Minecraft (yep still a fun game)

    …and uh, fuck it, Bubsy 1… I kinda liked it despite how bad it is. ?

  2. Another botched list. Sims and Animal Crossing? Guilty pleasure should either be a bad game that you enjoy playing nonetheless or a good game but with questionable themes (extreme violence or sexual content), or something in between. Why is Sims, Animal Crossing, Earth Defence Force, Angry Birds, or Bayonetta 2 in this list?

    At least Manhunt, and DoA are good entries.

  3. bayonetta 2 is too good to be a guilty pleasure for me…if you haven’t played it, do yourself a favour and play it.

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