Top 10 Greatest WWE TLC Matches
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These are the best Tables, Ladders and Chairs contests in Wrestling history. From Wrestlemania matches to SummerSlam Blockbusters and Extreme Rules showdowns, we’re looking at them all here today. Expect wrestlers like The Undertaker, Seth Rollins, Dean Ambrose, Roman Reigns, Daniel Bryan, Kane, Ryback, Chris Jericho, Triple H, Shawn Michaels, The Big Show, Matt Hardy, Jeff Hardy, and many more to appear along the way!
What type of match should we cover next? Elimination Chamber? Survivor Series? Money in the Bank? Let us know in the comments below.

#10. DX vs. JeriShow
#9. Edge vs. Ric Flair
#8. Edge vs. Kane vs. Rey Mysterio vs. Alberto Del Rio
#7. John Cena vs. Edge
#6. The Hardyz vs. The Dudley Boyz vs. Edge and Christian
#5. AJ Styles vs. Dean Ambrose
#4. CM Punk vs. Jeff Hardy
#3, #2, #1: ???

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  1. I think that TLC III is missing in this list (the one with The Hardyz, The Dudley Boyz, Edge & Christian and Chris Benoit & Chris Jericho).

  2. This is a good list, however it’s missing “Raw’s Greatest Match” (which is what they called it at the time) October 7th, 2002. Jeff Hardy and RVD vs. Bubba and Spike vs. Jericho and Christian vs. Kane. Overlooked due to a really bad storyline that followed it, but it’s one of my all time favorite matches.

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