Top 10 Greatest Moments in Sports Anime

Nothing goes harder than anime sports matches. For this list we’re looking at shows like Haikyuu, Kuroko’s basketball (Kuroko no Basket), Slam Dunk, Inazuma Eleven, Prince of Tennis, Megalo Box, Tomorrow’s Joe, Eyeshield 21, Captain Tsubasa, Hajime no Ippo, and more to check out all the craziest scores, match points, and victory scenes. It’s all tennis, soccer, football, boxing, volleyball, basketball, and more for this epic video!

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10. The Will to Fight
9. Old vs. New
8. Meteor Drop
7. Hurricane Ghost
6. The Ultimate Slam Dunk
5. Fire Shot
4. Takamura vs. Hawk
3, 2, 1: ???

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  1. Imagine CR7 or Messi or Neymar or the pro player can do if the junior team can do anything in the anime

  2. I may be biased on this, because I really, REALLY, love this one, but I still think it could have been included: in Daiya no Ace, the Yakushi vs Seido finals match of the fall tournament, there’s this incredible moment in the top of the last inning, Yakushi is leading the game by a single run, they have two outs and Seido has runners on first and third, a single out at this point ends the game, Miyuki (Seido’s catcher and currently on first) makes a steal attempt for second while Sanada (Yakushi’s pitcher) throws a pitch, the batter misses with his swing and Akiba (Yakushi’s catcher) immediately follows up with a throw to second to pick up that game ending out, but then the moment the ball leaves Akiba’s hand, Haruichi (Seido’s second baseman and currently on third) begins to tag up towards home and threatens to score a run (which would tie the game and keep Seido’s Koushien hopes alive), Sanada is thus forced to intercept the throw to second and begins to throw to third base, Haruichi 180s and dives back for the base, and Miyuki also safely reaches second base, denying the third out Yakushi needed to win and putting a second runner in scoring position. This was such an incredibly crucial play, as the current batter was able to get a hit off afterwards, scoring two runs for Seido to take the lead back, the game then ends in the bottom of the inning with Seido’s pitcher Furuya shutting down Yakushi’s batters with 3 overpowering strikeouts. It’s such an incredible moment that I really feel just doesn’t get enough love

  3. I’d like to recommend when Kakeru Kurahara runs in the Hakone Ekiden… heck when any of the characters in Run with the Wind run in the final race! The emotional and musical payoff is so amazing!

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