Glorious HD looks aren’t everything, but sometimes they make all the difference. Today, we’re counting down our picks for the Top 10 Graphics Mods That Makes Games Way Better. For this list, we’re looking at mods that focus on drastically improving and upgrading the graphics of their chosen video game. What was the first graphics mod that seriously impressed you?

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  1. No mention of the complete retexturing of the original Mass Effect? 5GB of goodness

  2. I feel like NaturalVision for GTA V should be much higher. Those graphics are insane.

  3. Don’t know how resident evil 2 gets on this list when it doesn’t seem to be all that different, witcher 3 ? come on thats stock footage, all this and NO mods for Oblivion?

  4. What is up with all the thirst now of showing yourselves on this channel? I always liked it when you wouldn’t show yourselves, guess I’ll have to leave channel soon too

  5. The moment when the graphics of the landscape is so stunning that you dont notice the hanged man in the tree

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