Top 10 Google Easter Eggs You Need to See

The best Google Easter Eggs are the cleverest Google Easter Eggs. These inside jokes, hidden messages and games involve Google Search, Google Doodles, Google Maps and more. Whether you want to do a barrel roll, need to know the answer to life, would like to practice your piano skills or have some time to kill and some love Pac-Man, Google Easter Eggs are there to entertain and amuse. WatchMojo counts down ten of most amazing interactive features in Google Doodles.

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00:26 #10: Soccer 2012
01:08 #9: Hodor
01:53 #8: Life, the Universe, and Everything
02:53 #7: Space
03:36 #6: Chuck Norris
04:30 #5: Askew
05:18 #4: Piano
06:08 #3, #2 & #1???

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  1. When you search super mario bros on google a question block appears on the
    right and if u click it 100 times u get a 1 up

  2. If you remember the Monty Python sketch about a lethal joke translated to
    German to kill Nazi’s, during the Second World War. Then google the script
    to that sketch at which point take the German translated but of the joke
    and plug it into google translate, if you were hoping to die a laughing
    death your out of luck because Google translate took the fall for you; and
    as its last act produced a two word message [Fatal Error]

  3. I quite like what Google did with the meaning of the word: “Recursion”

    If you look it up Google will say:”Did you mean to search for Recursion”
    pressing that wont do anything. That is because Recursion = Recursion.
    (inside programming joke)

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