Top 10 Good Movies with Bad IMDb Ratings
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For those of you who choose not to trust Rotten Tomatoes scores, we’re here to tell you that IMDb scores might not be all that much better. Movies like 2016’s Ghostbusters, Spring Breakers and Annihilation all seem to have not set well with users on the site! What movie do you think has way too low of an IMDb score?

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List rank and entries:
10. “Hail, Caesar!” (2016)
9. “Annihilation” (2018)
8. “It Comes at Night” (2017)
7. “Dear White People” (2014)
6. “Ghostbusters” (2016)
5. “Spy Kids” (2001)
4. “Haywire” (2011)
3, 2 & 1: ???

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  1. No, The Cable Guy wasn’t good, it was very bad. Their reasons for thinking people didn’t like it are just revisionist bs.

  2. All of these movies are trash.
    I enjoyed the cable guy, and I can even admit it was horrible. Ghostbusters was attacked because they tried to make a movie that could parallel the masterpiece before, but failed horribly. Not gender. If anything, these movies are sub par with generosity.

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