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Top 10 Funny Seth Rogen Movie Moments
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If Seth Rogen had a catchphrase, this is where we’d put it. From Neighbors to Superbad to Pineapple Express, Rogen has has been in plenty of great comedies, and we’re looking at his funniest moments from all of them. WatchMojo counts down the top funniest Seth Rogen moments in movies.

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#10. Finding the Airbags
#9. War of the Nerds
#8. Disastrous Family Dinner
#7. Shrooms & Cirque De Soleil
#6. Exposing a Cheater
#5. Dead Bird
#4. Bad Police Work
#3, #2, #1???

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  1. Check out the voting page for this list and add your picks: And thanks JosephT for the great idea!

    • Translation: “we’re desperate for material, to the point where we’re republishing lists and hoping no one will notice. Please, please give us ideas.”

    • Giggity King yeah I know I thought I was also I’m not a dummy so chill yup I’m a dummy and proud soooo chillll.

    • I love This is the end. Its second only to Central Intelligence as far as comedies are concerned.

  2. When Seth runs home with the box of porn in You, Me & Dupree is hands down one of the funniest moments in cinema history.

  3. Lol, watchmojo coming out with this right after he’s being ridiculed for showing his cuckyness towards Canada’s SJW prime minister.

    And people think they aren’t being manipulated by leftism outlets. I’m not saying I stop liking Watchmojo, just saying at least see that there is a hidden war on what you think and feel going on. Its a seed that will sway you into someone they want as their spokes person for 15 minutes

  4. #10 is hilarious because it channels the 3 stooges when the flying body shifts to an obvious dummy lol

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