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Top 10 Fallout Quests You Never Found
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The modern Fallout games have some truly massive worlds, and Bethesda does a great job at hiding some really cool quests just off the beaten path. But don’t worry we’re including New Vegas on this list as well. So join as we count down our picks for the best hidden Fallout quests that you probably missed.

List Rank and Entries
#10. Spectacle Island
#9. In Sheep’s Clothing
#8. Agatha’s Song
#7. Quality Assurance
#6. The Velvet Curtain
#5. Kid in a Fridge
#4. How Little we Know
#3, #2 & #1: ?

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  1. you list the vampire quest in f3 which starts by a npc auto-engaging you in the first town but leave off the murder mystery vault in f4: far harbour? sheesh… lol

  2. i played all of them. do you guys even explore in the fallout games? not any of those is hidden

  3. If you bring Hancock to see the dead body of the mayor of “The Great Green Jewel” Diamond City, you get some special dialogue.

  4. I have spectacle island as my home base, i got all my followers there and like 10 deatclaws protecting it.

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