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We’re teaming up with Todd Haberkorn, the kick-ass voice of Natsu Dragneel, to bring you our picks for the greatest Fairy Tail Scenes. From tear jerking reunions, to cataclysmic battles, this shonen series has brought us some of the most iconic episodes in modern anime. With the new season on the horizon, join us as we recount some of the greatest moments of Fairy Tail, alongside this Voice Actor Superstar!

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01:00 #10. Laxus Returns
01:57 #9. Mirajane Goes She-Devil
02:50 #8. Reunited
03:33 #7. Fairy Law
04:27 #6. Dragon Force
05:21 #5. Natsu vs. Gildarts
06:23 #4. Lisanna Returns
07:07 #3, #2, #1: ???

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  1. Number 3: The truly winning point of that is, Erza could have accomplished the same mission of earning first place with only FIFTY-ONE monsters, instead of all ONE HUNDRED!!! This was Erza showing off and I don’t think any fan worth his/her sensibility and respect would hate on this moment no matter what.

    Number 2: Natsu didn’t even go full power, so that’s just adding insult to injury towards Sting and Rogue. No Lightning Mode, no Dragonforce of his own, he completely owned Sting and Rogue without needing to go full blast.

    Last Ages: Yes, it was. T_T You gave one minute and saved hundreds of lives!!!! More importantly, you saved the lives of those that mattered, the ones fighting with all their heart… Oh, and Fairy Tail members too. (LOLZ!! Just kidding, they fought with all their heart too)

    I kinda wished Cana’s Fairy Glitter was on here, even as an Honorable Mention, because it just shows how good she really is, and removing all doubt that she’s Gildart’s daughter from any lingering naysayers.

    Great list!! Looking forward to more Anime goodness (though I wish they were going all the way to the end of the Manga too).

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