Top 10 Facts About the Megalodon
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No, this is not a creature from a nightmare, but it certainly sounds like one. From their history, to their appearance, to the sheer enormity of this enigma, chomp on these facts! WatchMojo counts down the Top 10 Facts About the Megalodon.

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#10. The Megalodon Went Extinct 2.Million Years Ago
#9. Despite Appearances, the Great White Probably Didn’t Descend from the Megalodon
#8. Its Teeth Are Relatively Common Fossils
#7. Megalodon Nurseries Have Been Found
#6. The Megalodon Would Bite Off Its Prey’s Fins
#5. Its Teeth Could Reach Up to Inches in Length
#4. The Megalodon Was Found Throughout the World
#3, #2 & #1???

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  1. No one knows Why they went istinct? That’s easy, mother nature just saw him and thought: “man, that’s OP as fuck, got to Get rid of it”

  2. Just thought of something. In the story of Pinocchio, he gets swallowed by a legendary creature called the Terrible Dogfish, which was basically a giant shark. Could a Megalodon tooth have inspired it?

  3. Yeah except the Earth is roughly 6000 years old and climate change doesn’t exist…..

  4. It didnt go extinct how do you explain the multiple great whites with bite marks or are screwed up

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