Hey YouTube, Jim here! Welcome to Top10Archive! From gaming consoles to operating systems, Microsoft has proven its versatility in the world of technology and software. Though there may be one or multiple devices in your home powered by Microsoft technology, have you ever stopped to think about the company and its history? If not, we have you covered with these top ten interesting facts about Microsoft.

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10. The Start of a Rivalry
9. Creating an Iconic Sound
8. The Manhattan Project
7. Longest Running Software
6. Joining Apple
5. Microsoft and its Employees
4. A Heap of Patents
3. Microsoft’s Worst
2. Microsoft Dodging Bullets
1. Early Wearable Technology

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  1. Who else spent 300 more dollars after their first Red Ring Of Death and didn’t get shit from Microsoft. A billion dollar loss my ass.

    • Is my statement true or false ?
      Did I mention BG ? A part of the company is responsible though, its not a court hearing,relax.

    • blaming as bill gates doesn’t oversee the xbox division phil spencer does unless xbox tries to buy another company than bill has final say. so no the entire company isn’t at fault because of one division because they bought a special development studio

  2. Started with the 1rst windows somewhere after 1985, dont want to remember all the crashes i have had in those years otherwise i wil have blue screen nightmares again lol but win 10 is a stable one up to now as far as i know, there were versions with 3000 programming errors in it and quit a few were critical, also heard somewhere about windows wanting a monthly payment ?????
    Big brother is taking us over pixel by pixel brrr

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