Top 10 Facts About Charles Manson’s Trial and Imprisonment
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Though this notorious American is dead, our morbid fascination with him lives on! From being caught with a cell phone multiple times, to his manic testimony, to his attempted escape with a hot air balloon, these Charles Manson facts will shock you. WatchMojo counts down ten facts about Charles Manson’s trial and imprisonment.

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#10: Manson Was Caught with a Cell Phone Multiple Times
#9: Manson’s Hold Over his “Girls” was STRONG
#8: Manson Delivered a Truly Manic Testimony
#7: He Was A Quasi-Environmentalist
#6: He Fought The Law(yer)
#5: He Wasn’t The Most Popular Guy On the Inside
#4: His Escape Plan Was Full of Hot Air
#3, #2 & #1???

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  1. 2:50 did you just say your edgy enough to cut yourself with a spoon? NOW YOUR TALKING ABOUT MY MOM? NOW YOUR THREATNING MY SHOES!

  2. In the eyes of the universe, he was just another disgusting higher-ape animal, just like the rest of us. No matter how evil or murderous you are, you still face death in the end.

  3. He’s NOT a murderer. Yes, he organized 2 separate murders, but his little minions chose to murder all those people. They didn’t have to do it. Manson wasn’t a good guy, but he wasn’t nearly as crazy or dangerous as the media portrayed him throughout his life.

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