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With new showdowns to take into consideration, we’re giving you our definitive rank of the most epic Game of Thrones Battles. Game of Thrones has consistently pushed the envelope when it comes to televised battle scenes. We’re looking at the most epic battles from Game of Thrones based on both the scale of the production and the narrative significance of the conflict. WatchMojo ranks the best Game of Thrones battles. Which GoT battle blew you away? Let us know in the comments!

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  1. When someone says “Aray defeats the army of the dead single handly” I immediately sigh and it reminds me of what dumb writing looks like.

  2. Battle of Winterfell shouldn’t be on this list I couldn’t see anything the whole time😂😂😂

  3. And where is “The Hound vs Lady Brienne”
    Can you make a video “Top 10 Game of Thrones fights”

  4. 1. Battle of the Bastards
    2. Battle at Castle Black
    3. Hardhome
    4. Loot Train Battle
    5. Battle of the Black Water

    67. Theon Greyjoy’s Internal Battle

    104. Ned Stark and Robbert Baratheon talking about past battles
    105. Any other battle besides Loot Train Battle past season 6

  5. In my opinion:

    #1 The Battle of Winterfell
    #2 Hardhome
    #3 The Battle of the Bastards
    #4 Battle at Blackwater
    #5 The Loot Train

  6. Battle of Winterfell should be #1 the point of it being a night is for it to be scary. The armies jumping into the unknown fighting against an ennemy they know nothing about. If this battle happened in the day it would be absolute whore shit.

  7. 1. Battle of Bastards
    2. Blackwater
    3. Castle Black
    4. Goldroad (loot train)
    5. Hardhome
    6. King’s Landing
    7. Winterfell
    8. Targaryen Fleet
    9. Beyond the Wall
    10. Mereen

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