It’s E3 2019 predictions time! As Sony is skipping out on the event, nothing relating to the PlayStation 5, “Death Stranding,” or “The Last of Us II” will be included, but watch out Capcom, Rocksteady Studios, Microsoft, Square Enix, Nintendo, and everyone else! We’re on to you! What would YOU like to see announced at E3 2019 the most?
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  1. I just uploaded my TOP 10 VIDEO GAME LIST OF ALL TIME we have similar editing style. Let me know what you think!
    ~ I quit my job to do YouTube full time so help a brother out with a sub or like lol!

  2. We said rocksteady will say something last year and they didn’t
    We said the avengers project will be announced but it didn’t
    Just an advice guys,
    KILL YOUR EXCITEMENT don’t wait for anything and then you might be surprised with something good, don’t build your excitement on rumors, don’t build your excitement at all

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