Top 10 Dumbest Things to Happen in YouTube History
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With millions of videos posted each day, not everything can be a winner. From vlogs gone wrong to pop song parodies, dumb Internet trends abound. WatchMojo is counting down the worst YouTube trends, moments and videos that made a lasting impression on viewers.

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#10: Gullible Is Not in the Dictionary
#9: Vlogs Gone Wrong
#8: DramaAlert
#7: Pop Song Parodies
#6: Prank Channels
#5: Children Videos
#4: The Annoying Orange
#3, #2 & #1???

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  1. My list

    10. Behind the Meme

  2. Ads that make themselves short enough to where they make it the maximum amount of time to where to have to watch it all the way through and not be able to skip it

  3. Here’s another dumb thing to happen to You Tube: The deluge of “list” channels! Every five seconds someone comes up with another channel featuring lists of things centered around a topic that normally nobody gives a shit about. Now to be fair this isn’t a new idea: Back in 1977 a guy named David Wallechinsky came up with a novel idea: why not compile a book of lists that would not only be educational but would contain tons of bits of useless trivia that nobody in their right minds would give shit about but it would provide some great conversation starters as well as make you look like a genius in front of your dumbass friends! And so “The Book of Lists” was published and was an instant hit! The book compiled various obscure topics like “The 15 Most Wretched Singers”, “Animals That Have Received The Death Penalty (By Court Order for a crime, not by euthanasia)”, “10 People You Do NOT Want To Invite To Dinner”, “The 5 Most Hated People In The Last 5 Years (Adolph Hitler was No. 1 on all 5!)”, “Dr Demento’s 10 Worst Song Titles”, “10 Hit Songs That Were Inspired By Commercials”, “The Ten Most Misquoted Movie Quotes”, and other such topics that EVERYBODY talks about at the dinner table!! And the public ate it up!! So much so that 2 more volumes were published in 1980 and 1983, followed by another volume in 1993 and yet another in 2005, right around the same time as the advent Of You Tube. The public went crazy for this shit-er-I mean informative material! That includes me, as if you couldn’t tell! Yes, I’m a fan of this tripe too! It wasn’t long before people began picking up on the trend and transferring it to You Tube. The first few “list” channels in You Tube were-well-interesting! And certainly more educational than a bunch of amateur videos of people farting at the camera with such tasteful and original titles as “I farted at the camera”! Anybody remember “Liquid Generation”? Yoo-hoo!! Yeah! You way in the back there! I see your hand! You’re the ONLY one that remembers?? Ah well! But as You Tube began getting more and more subscribers more and more people began to say to themselves “Hey! I can make a You Tube channel too! Well, let’s see………what do people like to see………hey! These “Top 10 list” videos are popular! Hey! I know! I’ll do even better! I’ll make “Top 20 list” videos! Yeah! That’ll bring the subscribers in!” And so now You Tube has about 1,000,000 + channels dedicated solely to expressing the channel creator’s opinions on what he/she thinks are the ten best TV shows of all time, the 20 highest waves in the world, the 5 loudest belches and who emitted them, the ten longest farts and who emitted them, the 12 animals with the biggest buttholes, the 15 most embarrassing moments to happen at your cousin’s bar mitzvah, and billions of other such interesting and tasteful topics, and presenting them as “facts” rather than the OPINIONS that they are!! Not to mention the billions of people making videos about their OWN opinions of these channels and their topics! And the commentators that just HAVE to write in to tell the world THEIR opinions on the videos, again presenting their opinions as “facts”!! With the exception of course of the absolute geniuses that write in just to beg for likes or to start arguments or to tell the world that they’re half fish, half cloud, half bicycle and half supernova (Don’t even ask how THAT happened!) or some other TOTALLY RELEVANT statement!! And THAT, my friends, is the DUMBEST thing to ever happen to You Tube!! Oh, wait…………….

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