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CELEBRATE 10 YEARS OF WATCHMOJO WITH OUR SPECIAL EDITION MAGAZINE, LINKS BELOW! Everybody makes mistakes, but when our mightiest heroes drop the ball, the consequences can be quite severe. From Iron Man to to Batman, to both the Avengers and the Justice League, superheroes from both Marvel and DC have been accused of making some pretty dumb decisions, and these are the dumbest of them all.

00:51 #10: Fighting Over Hope Summers
01:39 #9: Sending Jean Loring to Arkham Asylum
02:22 #8: Rorschach Refusing to Compromise
03:16 #7. Working with Magneto
04:15 #6: Spider-Man Revealing His Identity
05:00 #5: Challenging the Mandarin
05:55 #4: Trusting Loki
06:48 #3, #2 & #1: ???

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  1. I like how people think the dumbest thing Tony Stark did in Iron Man 3 was announce his address when really it was announcing his address and failing to prepare for an attack. He was literally walking around in a prototype suit that wasn’t combat or flight ready when he had combat ready suits available. But hey, stupidity for the sake of drama and story right?

  2. Rorschach decision is not dumb . . . instead one the most dramatic moment in the movie I’ve ever seen.

  3. so all that, and no mention of Barry Allen creating Flashpoint? Especially on the TV series, as his constant disregard for the space/time continuum has now created Savitar…or how about Fitz helping Radcliffe create the LMDs on Agents of SHIELD?

  4. in rorschachs defense, you CLAIM he could have lied, to the guy who sees through time in a non-linear fashion and would thus KNOW he was lying because the truth would eventually come out.

  5. Not Batman’s fault, it’s Gotham’s because they keep allowing him to escape. Bruce has, however misguided, faith in the legal system but it fails him. He can’t do this because if he does the people of Gotham who have faith in him and try to better their city, will lose it and fear him because they will realize there is no better way to usurp the criminals than to stoop to their level. He’s essentially a civil servant if a bit on the extreme side. He’s a symbol to put it fondly, and tarnishing that with a kill would destroy all it means.

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