Even the world’s greatest detective has off days. Just because someone is super, does not mean they are smart. Superheroes aren’t immune to some dumb decisions, and these DC heroes are no exception. For this list, we’re looking at the stupidest decisions made by DC’s iconic characters in the comics.

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  1. Did we not talk about the ten stupid things Marvel characters did I don’t know if they made that video we can talk about the time Tony wanted to know what was at the Earth’s core so he wanted to set off a bomb Captain America being a user of a drug condemning a drug addict Ghost Rider not being specific with the deal for making the deal in the first place however you choose to see it loki not accepting that his family does care about him

    There’s plenty more it’s just I don’t know if anyone wants it without a video being attached to it

    people thinking Captain America’s better than he actually is as a symbol he’s pretty good and he’s a good fighter and a great strategist but if it wasn’t for Fanfare for him he would lose 90% of the time he has a basic super he has a basic super strength and endurance unfortunately nearly every other hero is stronger faster and has more endurance than him oh and he’s a murderer by the way on a team of people that have a problem with murderers

    Thor giving a damn about what Nick Fury thinks just because he says God’s only cause problems because of the whole God butcher storyline such BS just saying

  2. I have the issue where Barry marries Iris, his mother is there. Also after Iris is murdered by the Reverse Flash, Barry tries to wed Fiona Webb, and Barry’s mother attends that wedding also before the Bride calls it off. So my question is where did Barry’s mother’s murder come in? Barry was dead until they brought him back in Flash Rebirth. A side point when Barry died the publishers said he would never come back EVER! The same thing in Marvel comics they said about Bucky Barnes. I guess all the new writers were not fans and just thought hey this would be cool. So why read the comics what you read doesn’t matter the next writer won’t care what was developed before they started.

  3. #1 Not having a clue or plan for their cinematic universe
    #2 Not putting Paul Dini and Bruce Timm in charge of their cinematic universe

  4. Another DC bad decision: That time Hal Jordan ate that container of potato salad that was sitting in the Justice League fridge for 14 months. And to compound his mistake, he washed it down with a quart of buttermilk.

  5. You obviously don’t understand Batman. Everyone thinks Batman should kill Joker and THEN he can just go back to his “No Killing” rule. Unfortunately, people don’t work that way. If Batman kills Joker, whats to stop him from rationalizing the next maniacs execution? “OMG! Two-Face just murdered 22 people on the 2nd anniversary of his inception.” BANG!!! Batman kills him. “Penguin hijacked a train with gold bricks on it and killed 17 guards in the process” BANG- Batman kills him! See what I’m getting at. Kill one person, then its easier to justify the next and the next and the next. If you understood Batman you would know that he believes in justice and redemption. He is NOT an authoritarian like morons claims.

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