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Some of these companies really need to rethink their PR policies. For this list, we’re looking at fictional organizations in video games that have proven to be beyond incompetent. These include Umbrella, Aperture Science, Team Rocket, and many others! Which of these companies entertained you the most? Let us know in the comments!

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  1. The vault tech one is actually there goal
    To test inhumane experiments on its dwellers they didn’t care for the occupants safety at all that’s was just a front

  2. Abstergo from Black Flag is pretty straight forward, you could’ve looked a little harder into what you’re doing in the game.

  3. 7:20 you forgot to mention how an organisation that intimidates innocents can be dominated by a 10 year old child.

  4. I can kind of see some logic in harvesting the endless thermal energy of Hell, but exploring it, taking demons back, and especially modifying and augmenting demons was just plain stupid. As for Hayden sending The DOOMSLAYER back to hell after he cleared out the Martian facilities virtually solo, after handing over the “best” BFG prototype, after having the slayer shut down the facility AI, after Sam had already lost the precious filters (which he created in the first place, and a good chunk of the remaining infrastructure is still fairly intact), after Sam had kept the Slayer in the facility as a contingency, and after Samuel personally sought out the Slayer’s sarcophagus and retrieved it from hell (oh, and all of his personal squad was wiped out),
    well look at the DOOM Eternal trailers. Clearly that didn’t work as well as he hoped.

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