Top 10 Drunk People Fails Caught On Camera

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  1. Everyone is filmed these days, be careful what ya do lol

    Of you guys get free, stop by our channel, we have fact/list style videos as well, appreciate the support!

  2. My father was drunk one day and peed inside our refrigerator thinking it was a bathroom😂😂😂😂😂😂👌👌👌

  3. I once go so drunk I ended up puking in the restroom… But I vaguely remember cleaning up my puke before eventually passing out… I don’t ever drink so much nowadays, But I’m pretty damn impressed with myself since I managed to clean my own mess while drunk!

  4. I consider myself a bit of a drinker…these aren’t drunks. These people are on something far harder than booze.

  5. Jim!! Another great video as always! I love this channel!!❤️ Now this video is hilarious! I have never been so drunk that I decided to jump off a roof! 😳

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