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Top 10 Destiny 2 Easter Eggs
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As any seasoned Guardian will tell you, Destiny 2 is chock-full of secret things and hidden easter eggs! We went out into the Solar System and found 10 of these for ya! Enjoy
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  1. Top ten anime betrayals.
    Number 10: Spogebob kindly gave away his chocolate bar to Patrick, then Patrick eats it and frams Spongebob for it being gone

  2. Still haven’t found the most hidden Easter Egg of them all…. a good story that earns you the “Your time spent was worth something” achievement.

  3. Back in d1 there was the suros regime, in d2 there’s an old call back to that gun called the suros regime, beat huh?

  4. I think anyone who’s played since year one and has been close in the community will have know every one of these

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