Dead and forgotten… well, sort of. For this list, we’re looking at languages that no longer have any native speakers. While some are spoken in specific circumstances or developed into modern variants, these ancient languages have been lost to the passage of time. WatchMojo counts down the Top 10 Dead Languages.

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  1. But the letter “B” makes a “v” sound in Russian, and the letter “E” makes more of a “yeh” sound. Don’t get me started on the Я and the И.

  2. A honorable mention should go to Cajun French and Creole French, 2 languages spoken in Louisiana that in ten years sadly won’t be heard anymore, hell even the Cajun accent won’t be heard anymore.

  3. Wow didn’t even talk are native language Ojibwe. We been here before the white man even Stepped in are soil and the white man thought the world will be over populated at 989,000 or something like that. There was 10,000,000 or more Native Anishainaabes also know “Native American”. We were slaughtered,rapped, and poison, and then in the 1880 to 1995 my people were in residential school, they were children but they were beaten up, harassed and rapped just for speaking are language and know of day I can’t even talk about residential school to my grandparents with out seeing tears and they don’t like talking about it. I don’t even know most of my language. My people used to call “North America” Turtle Island and if you look at North America island it looks like turtle and North America was just the tip of are civilization, we were Everywhere on Mother Earth but my language is so dead now I tried to count to 1 to 10 in ojiwe to my kukom “grandma” and she said that’s wrong but I was taught those number from school. But it’s history now. So no Latin isn’t the number one dead language it’s Ojibwe.

  4. Lol y’all could make a list of languages that are dead cuz of colonization. But yea prolly not

  5. Nice overview of some languages that have largely gone into disuse. Another few Central and South Asian languages worth noting are Harrapin (Indus), Brahmi, Sanskrit, and classical Mongolian. There are others of pre-Columbian origin and several significant SE Asian and East Asian languages as well.

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