Top 10 Darkest Super Villain Portrayals
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Super Villains aren’t exactly a cheery subject, but these movie portrayals got dark! WatchMojo presents the Top 10 Darkest Portrayals of Super Villains in Movies! But who will take the top spot on this list? Will it be David Tenant in Jessica Jones, Danny Devito in Batman Returns, or Heath Ledger in The Dark Knight? Watch to find out!

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  1. When I found out David Tenet was cast as Kilgrave, I loled. Then I watched Jessica Jones. Now all I see is Kilgrave when rewatching Doctor Who episodes…

  2. #10 is bullshit.list is null and void .not even if I agree with the rest. Dane dahann shouldnt be any where near this list.Franco was 100x better

  3. To me the joker is meant to just personify chaos. Be less of a person and more of an entity essentially. Heath ledger did that perfectly and imo I think that’s one of the reasons he’s so loved as the joker.

  4. Kingpin in daredevil was really good. Was not expected. Shit daredevil was fire so much better than that movie..

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