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Top 10 Darkest Nintendo Characters
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Nintendo is generally known for being a family-friendly video game company aimed toward a younger demographic. And while there’s no denying that many of their properties are on the lighter side, Nintendo has more than a handful of characters who’s stories and pasts are quite dark. Welcome to, and today we’ll be counting down our pics for the Top 10 Darkest Nintendo Characters!

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List Entires & Rank:
#10: Giratina
#9: Mother Brain
#8: Meta Knight
#7: The Pikmin
#6: Andross
#5: Porky Minch
#4: Mewtwo
#3, #2 & #1: ???

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  1. I was worried there wasnt gonna be a zelda entry. You could make a whole list just from zelda. Bongo Bongo has the darkest story that I can think of.

  2. Huh?… Giratina? Meta Knight? Mewtwo from the movie!? ARE YOU FOR REAL!?

    Where’s Benatte? Where the Litwick line?! WHERE’S DARK MATTER FROM THE KIRBY SERIES!?! what horse shit list is this?! Come on!~~~💢

  3. Giratina is usually just acting in defense of its own world tho, so even tho it’s violent, it doesn’t seem to be truly evil.

    I would say Ghetsis is probably the darkest Pokemon character (even Cyrus and Lysandre who try to end the world are doing what they think is best for the world, and on top of that, Cyrus was emotionally abused. Ghetsis is a sadistic, sociopathic child abuser who is fully willing to murder children.), or PMD Darkrai. (Tried to and succeeded in bringing about a world of complete darkness under the control of a mad time god in a timeline which was later undone by the protagonists, so he sent a small child into a horrific, unending nightmare and disguised himself as the goddess of dreams, tried tricking you into killing yourselves – very heavily implied tho death words are never used -, and when you decide not to do that, sends the god of space after you to do the job. He’s soon unmasked by the real Cresselia, and then he tries tricking you into ruling the world with him by pretending to speak as your partner, and when that fails, ambushes you. He’s only stopped by Palkia, but he tries to disappear into a time portal so he could try his plan again at a different time.)

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