Top 10 Dark Web Creepypastas
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The Dark Web is a part of the deep web – often described as the internet under the internet. Its real – it exist – and I’m sure many of you have heard strange stories from it and governments attempts to shut certain sites down. These stories are creepypastas about the dark web, that doesn’t mean they’re real but it also doesn’t mean they’re not real. Its up to you to decide. Make sure you also check out our scariest creepypastas video up here if you haven’t – if you can get through this video – that’s definitely the next one you should watch …

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    • No,I’ve seend the linked video befor & now I want part 2 so match but you make it her voice is soo ? but it was butter then

    • Hey guys great channel. Really love the urban legend’s. I’ve lived here in New Jersey my entire life and there are many legends, but there is one that had been entwined in my life that may have came from my father. I would tell my story but not in the comments but willing to say Jersey devil.

  1. This gets a dislike for always ending on a cliffhanger usually, just tell the rest of the story, please

  2. 1:27 Ironically, there was an aggressive knock at my door. It turned out to be my brother coming back from church.

  3. my new puppy, dude, loves mat10 …. and he recognizes your voice. hard to keep him from jumping up off the couch whenever he hears you or rebecca.

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