Top 10 Cursed Boxes That Should Have Stayed Shut
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Honestly containers and boxes are meant to contain things they’re meant to keep whatever is inside inside. Why can that never be the case? Why are we so nosy we can never just leave things be can we? We’ve done cursed treasure, cursed paintings, cursed jewels but now today its time for the Top 10 Cursed Boxes That Should Have Stayed Shut.

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  1. I’m just not that curious really, to waste my money on those types of mystery boxes. I’m not paying hundred’s of dollars on someone’s dirty underwear and broken dreams. No thanks.

  2. 6:43 Those aren’t pentagrams, they’re Pentacles. They’re binding seals and it’s actually an issue that nobody recognizes them. Pentagrams are upside down with two points on top, pentacles have a single point on top and represent earth, air, fire, water and spirit. They weren’t put on the box to call anything to it, but to keep what was bound inside- Most likely to a single anchor stone, which he undoubtedly touched. Which you also should not do. These other symbols look like Icelandic stavism and bind runes.

  3. Most Amazing you are the first person to correctly identify it as a jar. They were curses we know that because Pandora was a woman the curse of man.

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