Top 10 Cringiest Pete Davidson Moments
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He can make you laugh, think . . . and feel a little uncomfortable. For this list, we’re looking at Davidson’s most awkward and uncomfortable incidents, from getting a Hillary Clinton tattoo to his response to the Aretha Franklin funeral controversy. WatchMojo is counting down the most cringe inducing Pete Davidson moments.

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10) OpenMouth Chewing on Camera
9) His Ambiguous Cutie Comment
8) Dissing Bieber’s Dad
7) Instagram…Kiss?
6) His Hillary Tattoo Reveal
5) His Response to the Aretha Franklin Funeral Controversies
4) The Time He Called Syracuse “Trash”
3), 2) & 1)???

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  1. Literally all of these are people who don’t have the same/any sense of humour disagreeing with his sense of humour.

  2. His humor is so dark and I love it. It actually has taste it isn’t just “I’m gonna be offensive and shocking as possible”

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