Hey YouTube, Jim here! This is Top10Archive! Or… has it always been “Welcome to Top10Archive”? Now that I have you trying to remember, let’s talk about false memories and the possibility of alternate universes. Mandela Effect refers to the phenomenon where a group of people misremember a fact or event. Some have used it as a means of supporting the existance of parallel universes – but we’re not going to get too deep into that in this video. Instead, we’ve collected ten great examples of the Mandela Effect that will blow your mind!

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10. “Mirror, Mirror…”
9. “I Am Your Father.”
8. Harry Houdini’s Death
7. The Misquoting of the Lambs
6. “We Are The Champions” Lyrics
5. Curious George’s Tail
4. The Monopoly Man Monocle
3. The Lindbergh Baby
2. Shazaam!
1. The First Death of Nelson Mandela

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  1. The Monopoly guy thing I had to get up and look at my Monopoly board game to tell for sure that he does not have monocle

  2. Thanks for the video! Please let people know that while I have been writing and talking about the “Alive Again” phenomena since the 1990’s, I am not Fiona Broome (as suggested around 6:50 on this video). I am physicist and author Cynthia Sue Larson, with the free RealityShifters ezine and surveys about reality shifts (aka “Mandela Effect). Thank you!

  3. I found some mandela effects and saved the pages as soon as i thought of the changes. I didnt just keep the ones I liked, I kept them all. then I started to read them. click my name to watch part 3……..use pause and use it often

  4. from the comments people are making they really don’t know what the “Mandela Effect” is,  this isn’t a bunch of friends feeding each other misquotes,  the “Mandela Effect” spans vast areas encompassing many countries and languages.  I would like to know how millions of people across the globe could misremember the same things,  this is more then bad memories.  there is documented proof (look it up) of discoveries happening at different ends of the earth at the same time in which no contact between the researchers happened.  These events happened before modern travel or communications, seems like some kind of e.s.p. was taking place maybe this may also be a reason for the “Mandela Effect”.

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