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Pick up the phone…if you dare. There is no shortage of scary phone numbers that plunge the caller into a real life horror movie. Whether marketing ploy, or urban legend, WatchMojo is counting down the most terrifying phone numbers you can call. We’ve included skin-crawling stories like the UFO Hotline, Freddy Krueger’s Hotline and a line that plays screams and crying babies.

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#10: 1-900-909-UFOS
UFO Hotline
#9: 270-404-5797
Here and There Along the Echo
#8: 0802-311-1999, 0802-222-5999
The Red Numbers
#7: 126-743-65025
Screams and Tears
#6: 1-900-909-FRED
Freddy Krueger’s Hotline
#5: 207-404-2604
Call Carrie
#4: 1-216-333-1810
A Cry for Help
#3, #2 & #1???

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  1. Everyone’s probably gonna say that they are going to call all the numbers but aren’t going to anyways. 😉

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