Welcome to Top10Archive! We typically turn to television to escape it all, to leave behind the nuances of life that get us down. Sometimes, the entertainment tube betrays us and filters the worst of the world right into our living room, making it difficult to avoid things like these ten shocking events that were caught on live television.

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10. Felix’s SkyDive Record
9. Lee Harvey Oswald Murder
8. Manila Hostage Crisis
7. Fall of Berlin Wall
6. Destroying Saddam Hussein’s Statue
5. Iranian Embassy Siege
4. 1972 Olympic Massacre
3. Challenger Space Shuttle
2. Hurricane Katrina
1. 2011 Japanese Tsunami


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  1. Did you watch any of these events unfold on Live TV? What other historic events have you witnessed?

  2. I think 9/11 should have been on this list I remember September 2001 so well it was very crazy many people including myself watched that on TV people were jumping off the windows saddest thing to ever watch on TV. I do appreciate you putting Hurricane Katrina though I remember 2005 like yesterday too it was very sad.

  3. I remember the 1986 Challenger explosion. I was 21 and in college. I was volunteering at the school’s radio station and I had to read the news report about the tragedy. Very sad, indeed

    • We had covered 9/11 in a prior, somewhat similar topic. When we can, we avoid covering events and topics we’ve covered previously.

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