Welcome to Top10Archive! It hasn’t been an uncommon occurrence throughout world history for a country to cease to exist. It happened to Yugoslavia, which divided into six different countries, and you definitely don’t hear “Austro-Hungary” being thrown around anymore, so what’s to say it couldn’t still happen to modern countries? In fact, it’s quite possible as these 10 countries are on the verge of ceasing to exist entirely.

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10. Maldives
9. Egypt
8. Sweden
7. Libya
6. North Korea
5. Iraq
4. China
3. Spain
2. The United Kingdom
1. The United States

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  1. We know it’s a grim topic – but what are your predictions? Which countries do you think are on the verge of a total collapse?

  2. Refugees and muslims are running this world soon because everyone is stupid enough or scared to let them in!!

  3. America Collapse? HA!!!! Please…. All we’ll have to to do is print some more money that is backed by nothing at all to give it value, and VOILA no more debt….

  4. I like people voted for Trump because they say if we voted for Hilary then the United States will fall and we will have nothing but scandals. but then Trump becomes president and we are getting it anyways. So who do we blame? I blame the people. they wanted it. they got it.

  5. I honestly hope we collapse so we in New England can have universal single payer healthcare. No pressure to protect the rest of the world, workers rights ect like the rest of the fucking world including every country that was once in the USSR. We simply cannot afford to spend over 50% of our taxes on our military. With such a huge country, it’s hard to represent the people. Our rights get compromised for conservatives and visaversa. Of course, states having the rights to implement its own laws is usually fine unless the people in power disagree with the given laws. Examples include sanctuary states and recreational marijuana.

  6. Honestly why can’t the left and right wing just stop fighting and work together, I mean for the most part we all agree on the same major issues, it’s really only a small minority of people who make up the stereotype of liberals and conservatives. What we see in riots is people protesting then a small group of people start becoming violent and like a hive mind, everyone begins fighting.

  7. Wouldn’t Venezuela be on the list? They have very little money left to run their country.

    • eh latin american economies aren’t going very well , but venezuela is really in deep shit

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