Hey YouTube, Jim here! Welcome to Top10Archive! I definitely want one of these… and, oh yeah! One of these, for sure. Ah, with all of these inexpensive gadgets and contraptions on Amazon, I could spend all day shop – oh, hey there.. one second, let me finish adding this to my cart. Annnndd, finished! You have perfect timing. I just got done filling my shopping cart with these wonderful Amazon finds – which leads us into today’s video – the ten coolest gadgets I found on Amazon for $10 or less!

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10. Jmkcoz Keyring Splitter

9. eFashion Educational Spider Robot

8. TwitFish Ultimate Multi-Tool Stylus Pen

7. Sabre Wireless Outdoor Fake Security Camera

6. Dland Temperature Sensitive LED Faucet Light

5. Stouch Mini Portable Dock Fan

4. Swiss+Tech 19-1 Pocket Muli-tool

3. Bits and Pieces Extendable LED Flashlight

2. WorryFree Gadgets Cube Shaped MP3 Player

1. X-Polar Gear Emergency Paracord Bracelets

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  1. Did he say “not everyone owns a smartphone”? Hahahaha!!! My neighbors just had a baby last month and she already has an iPhone. Wtf.

  2. I can’t believe I missed this upload. Well I’ll use my last minuts at work to listen to Jim’s voice.

  3. I actually looked into getting a non smart phone through my carrier and it was ridiculously expensive, it was almost more worth it to just get a smart phone, the way they will do a payment plan with the smart phones is one reason

  4. Some of the cheap china gadgets never arrive. I ordered several fidget spinners that they took the money for and never delivered.
    Unfortunately, the good thieves already know the “fake” camera brands…
    Swiss Tech makes several gadget multi tools. I have one that looks like a key. They are not serious tools but get by if you haven’t got anything else

    • Shit from China almost always takes over a month to arrive. I know that’s how it is for me. They definitely have great prices, but I only order from China vendors if I’m not in a hurry to get it.
      I also *_NEVER_* order DVDs, Blu-ray, Video Games, or any type of software from China. Especially microSD cards. They are known to send you fake ass SD cards, almost every time. Especially the 128mb or 256mb (which don’t exist) for like $10. Scam!

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