Top 10 Convicts Who Outlived Their Life Sentence
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A life sentence can verify from state to state or country to country. A lot of places don’t even have a max life sentence convicts just go to prison until they come out in a body bag, but there are a few select people who commit horrible crimes and get a life sentence but somehow they are released back into the public after decades of time served. We even have someone on this list who was on death row but than was taken off of it, and after half a century he was released from prison.

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  1. I live in Germany and the longest Sentence here is 15 years. thats a joke compared to the USA lol. Germany should take over the sentences from the US haha

  2. The only ones I feel sorry for are those who were wrongfully convicted. The ones with life sentences should not be released. They should die in prison.

  3. the oldest man on record was a 116 years, 54 days old guy from japan at his death

  4. Sadly if they rape a child they give the 7 o 10 years its sick….that kids is going to have scars for ever …

  5. number 2 is a lie This is not a genuine news report, as it originated with WNDR a junk news site that does not publish factual stories, and carries a disclaimer noting that all of its content is “fictional” in nature.

    The first image used in the article, purportedly a picture of recently released convict Henry William Borne standing outside of the Texas prison, is actually a composite made from three different images: A stock image of an “older man with a headache or fever,” a photograph of the Texas Department of Criminal Justice Central Prison Unit in Sugar Land, Texas, and an unidentified image of news microphones:

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