Anyone who thinks all publicity is good publicity has clearly not seen these commercials that somehow didn’t get banned. We’re looking at controversial adverts that somehow were allowed to go public, even if nearly all of these commercials were eventually and often quickly pulled from the air. We guess the TV censors were taking a day off. WatchMojo ranks the most insane commercials that somehow didn’t get banned. Are there any commercials you were surprised to see make it onto the airwaves? Let us know in the comments!

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  1. I think people have gotten too sensitive and lost there sense of humor.
    Come on test baby was meant to be funny. The Dove ad seriously people sit around and think of crap to moan about. So the 1st model turned into a lighter skinned model…. She was 1st so probably most remembered. If she was last they would say it was racist to be last.
    Not everything needs to be dissected. Lighten up folks.
    Loves Baby Soft loved that stuff.

  2. Many of those ads are simply ‘meh’. Some are actually quite funny. The Lemmings Apple ad was quite accurate about its customers, very advanced for its time. It’s a miracle I did not get to see the ad of a human ice cream eating itself (I forgot the brand of the ice cream).

  3. The Snickers ad in the dishonorable mentions category is really really funny to me because it shows how ignorant and naive homophobic people are.

  4. You know… I would give Phoebe the best three minutes of her life. Then I would take her to Applebee’s and have an awkward dinner conversation while the family wearing matching NASCAR t-shirts fight over the last appetizer and make the whole atmosphere that much worse.

  5. Sounds to me like the whole word has turned into sensitive lil fragile libtard Fa🐐’s !

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