Top 10 Controversial Casting Choices
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Wait, they chose WHO for that role? From Robert Downey Jr., to Heath Ledger, and even Marlon Brando, these actors have all been cast in roles that had audiences scratching their heads or taking to forums in anger. WatchMojo counts down the top controversial casting choices.

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#10. Robert Downey Jr.
#9. T.J. Miller
#8. Tom Cruise
#7. Marlon Brando
#6. Johnny Depp
#5. Daniel Craig
#4. Heath Ledger
#3, #2, #1???

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  1. So you have no problem with black actors playing white characters? That’s just fine and not worth mentioning?

  2. I remember the petitions at various comic book stores against Michael Keaton to play Batman…

  3. As for the Asian in breakfast at Tiffany’s: it’s called a caricature. You don’t see me getting offended that the Simpsons portrays it’s main white guy as a fat drunk idiot, or family Guy or American Dad. Comedy is subjective and if you don’t find it funny it doesn’t mean it’s racist.

  4. If Ben Afflec as Batman is not in the list this will be a total fail 😂😂😂

  5. Im gonna imagine last airbender didnt happen and every movies Shyamalan has directed between signs & visit

  6. tj millers case is only fact up to the point of being charged… was never convicted and lady admitted stretching the truth.. dig in mojo dig in..

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