Welcome to Top10Archive! Whether due to bad decisions, lack of continued public interest, or economic turmoil, some companies, regardless of how long they’ve been around, wind up taking a dive. Utilizing a mix of trends and the Altman Z-Score, a figure based on working capital, retained earnings, and other factors against total assets and liabilities, this Archive compiles the top 10 companies the general public has known and loved that are likely to soon disappear.

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10. J.C. Penney Co
9. New York & Company, Inc
8. Isle of Capri Casinos Inc.
7. Supervalu Inc
6. TripAdvisor
5. Avon
4. Sprint Corp.
3. Aeropostale
2. Sears Holdings Corp.
1. The Container Store


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  1. you’ve responded to me twice in the comments, so every time I see you upload I always like every video!! ???

  2. The mall stores are going bye bye because blacks take the bus to the malls to work their McJobs and whites avoid malls at all costs. To me, the mall is a foreign place. I shop at Costco, Amazon, and Publix. Take a look at stores that are not part of the bus route and they’re doing much better.

  3. It would be sad to sad to JCPenney, Sears for those who lived in the days when those stores were the thing. Really don’t want to see Aeropostale go.

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