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Okay, let’s face it: in most cases, superheroes and power armor don’t always go together, oftentimes leading to some preposterous design choices. That being said, these are the gold standard of comic book power armors, and the exception to the laundry list of poorly done power armors throughout comic book history.

00:36 #10: Superboy-Prime Armor – Superboy-Prime
01:13 #9: Yellowjacket Suit – Yellowjacket
01:57 #8: Azrael’s Batsuit – Azrael
02:41 #7: Doom Armor – Doctor Doom
03:33 #6: Scarab Armor – Blue Beetle
04:25 #5: War Machine Armor – War Machine
05:13 #4: Spider-Armor MK 1 – Spider-Man
06:04 #3, #2 & #1: ???

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  1. I would have put Dr. Doom’s armor in as Number 1. Just watch the Death Battle featuring him. That one is absolutely insane in terms of achievements.

    “Ah yes, I think I’ll be immortal today!”

  2. Ironman’s God armor better be #1 or the Hellbat armor. Or even Ironman’s prime armor (before Riri Williams)

  3. The blue bettle is a complete and shameless ripoff of that anime that was made into a live acton movie starring Mark Hamill, forgot what it was called.

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