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Comic book heroes come in all shapes and sizes. Some are committed to the ideas of justice, while others are more interested in vengeance. Anti-heroes blur the line between hero and villain, but these comic book anti-heroes are just as interesting as their boy-scout counterparts.

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List Rank and Entries
#10: Judge Dredd
#9: V
#8: The Red Hood
#7: John Constantine
#6: Venom
#5: Catwoman
#4: Rorschach
#3, #2, #1: ?

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  1. On the original video, a few of asked where the likes of Lobo, Deathstroke and Ghostrider might be. Both Lobo and Deathstroke tend to be categorized as anti-villains, with the former even originally conceived as a supervillain. While we’ll admit that Ghostrider could’ve certainly been a contender, he wasn’t a very highly upvoted character on our original Suggest Page. So that’s why you need to participate and vote! Check out the Suggest page and leave your mark:

  2. Happy to see Deadpool on this list, same goes with Catwoman. Although I’m glad to see Gambit, but I am probably the only person who still has a crush on him.

  3. it was suppose to be about John Constantine the comic book version not the movie (and the assessment of him was wrong with a more complicated history).

  4. I really missed this old format of WatchMojo videos, especially the the older version of this narrator’s voice. Also, thanks for putting Spawn at 3.

  5. Just imagine if Superman turned into the Punisher for 12 hours, that would solve most of the Universe’s problems hahha

  6. In a perfect world the anti-hero hero wouldn’t be needed or wanted, but Frank Castle resonates on my level. Thanks, Semper Fidelis!

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