Top 10 Cold Cases That Were Finally Solved
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Better late than never. From Jessica Lyn Keen’s murder, to Minnie and Edward Maurin’s wrongful death, to the Susan Schwarz secrets, these cold cases went unsolved… until now. WatchMojo counts down 10 cold cases that were finally solved.

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#10: Jessica Lyn Keen (1991)
#9: Minnie and Edward Maurin (1985)
#8: Diane Maxwell (1969)
#7: Richard Phillips and Milton Curtis (1957)
#6: Roy McCaleb (1985)
#5: Susan Schwarz (1979)
#4: John List’s Family (1971)
#3, #2 & #1???

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  1. I like these videos because all these families got closure and most justice for the loss they suffered.

  2. She got 6 months for murdering her husband????? ..I never ever fucking ever! Wanna hear about “Male Privilege” again

  3. I live in Houston. I had no idea about the Diane Maxwell case before this video. Thanks WatchMojo for filling me in.

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