Hey YouTube, Jim here! Welcome to Top10Archive! As much as some of us love it, we know by now that drinking coca-cola is tantamount to… I don’t know, drinking a cup of sugar. If we’ve turned you off to Coke entirely, worry not, those cases in your ice box won’t go to waste. We’re actually here to give you ten amazing uses for coca-cola, besides using it as the beverage it’s meant to be used for.

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10. Toilet Bowl Cleaner
9. Pain & Itch Reliever
8. Loosen Rusty Bolts
7. Garage Floor Cleaner
6. Odor Remover
5. Window Defroster
4. Blood Stain Remover
3. Paint and Marker Remover
2. Gum Remover
1. Pesticide

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  1. For defrosting your car windows, put rubbing alcohol in a spray bottle. It works much better and no sticky mess. You can also use rubbing alcohol to melt ice if the door is frozen shut. Another use for Coke is to clean corroded battery post on your vehicle. It works wonders.

  2. Hello. I knew few of them but the paint remover I could try very soon so we’ll see if it really works. Thanks !

  3. Flat coke is great for an upset stomach. Along with some ginger cookies. But not gallons and pounds of it. Small quantities over a period of time.

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