Top 10 Childhood Toys That Can Make You Rich
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Hello and welcome back to the Most Amazing Chanel on the Internet! I am your Host Rebecca Felgate and today we’re talking about the Top 10 Childhood Toys That Can Make You Rich! Yes, start checking those cupboards, start cleaning out the garage and maybe poke your head in the attic! Before we launch into this video, I want to remind you that yeah, you can buy a most amazing shirt these days and one day, you never know…It might be a collector’s item that makes you rich!
Okay…. What toys from our childhood can we use to fund our adventures?


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  1. ohh my god!!!!!!! im going to seriously cry.. i had a peanut… along with a lighter blue elephant one that i use to play with them together. one of those 2,000 peanuts is in the dump unfortunately my family and myself didn’t realize what was being thrown out all those years ago… so that infographic should probably say 1,999… because there’s no getting mine back i threw it out roughly 17ish years ago so its probably decomposed by now, sorry.. i still have my bongo the monkey one tho! in a box in safe keeping to be passed down eventually… or something of that nature? nice video guys brought back some memories

  2. Btw I had a ton of toys back then like GI Jo, hundreds of playmobil, WWE figures like Hulk Hogan and more.! These days from those great days the only game i still have from back then is a figure of Rambo with his Jeep huge in scale both with u know the classic M60 – Bow and all of his goodies but I will never sell this i loved Rambo the toys, animated series and of course the movies except that crap John Rambo (Rambo 4) that is garbage.! I might have a Playmobil Pirate Ship but i need to search hard to find it.! Anyone with Rambo – Cobra figures.!? Those were the days figures and a lot of imagination..!

  3. i was pissed off because i had a sega master system with alex kidd in miracle world built in i threw it out years ago only to recently find out its very rare and worth money damn it

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